Gantt Cloud Add-on

Gantt Cloud is JIRA Add-on for rendering Gantt charts. It can be installed on any JIRA Cloud instance and is utilising platform's built-in features, such as, links (“blocks” and “blocked by”), time estimates and sub-tasks to render appropriate gantt charts.


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How to install

Gantt Cloud can be found on Atlassian Marketplace and installed on JIRA Cloud using Universal Plugin Manager. The Atlassian Marketplace provides evaluation licenses to evaluate the usefulness and suitability of the add-on in customer's environment. We are looking forward to hear any feedback. Let us know if you find bugs or have some ideas on how we may improve in future releases!

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Basic Concept

Learn about basic concepts behind rendering engine used by Add-on

Working with Gantt charts

Learn how to use the Add-on in more effective way for your own JIRA environment

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