Gantt Cloud is available and ready to work right after installation without going through complicated configuration process. There is however a way to adjust some basic settings that you can accomplish by opening configuration dialog shown below:

Configuration dialog

Archiving old projects

An important feature accessible through configuration dialog is archiving the old projects. For JIRA instances with a lot of projects and issues it is strongly advised to archive projects that are no longer actively worked on. By doing this, the amount of data transfered through the JIRA API will be greatly limited and therefore add-on will work faster. Archived projects won't show on "Project" filter either. You can change archived projects selection at anytime.

Due to performance considerations there is a hard limit of 4000 issues that can be processed and rendered on the chart simultaneusly. In case this limit is exceeded, you will be forced to archive some projects to continue working with Add-on.

Custom JQL

By using configuration dialog you can also define custom JQL string that will be added to every search call made to Jira API by Gantt Cloud add-on. This way, some more advanced filtering can be introduced that might not be available with standard filters provided by the add-on. For example, default issue ordering can be changed as shown below: