Slack Connector provides two-way integration between Slack messaging system and your JIRA or Confluence Cloud instance. It allows to follow any related conversation directly from Issue page and also be notified about any change, edit or comment made on JIRA Issue and Confluence content immediately on selected Slack channel. This add-on is under active development and we are adding new exciting features in every release.

Why default Slack integration might not be enough?

We at WISOFT love Slack and have been using it for a while in many different companies. It's fast, safe and reliable tool for efficient team communication. We also use various Atlassian tools a lot and therefore a good connectivity between those two different animals was always a priority for us. There is a pretty neat, default JIRA integration available in Slack already that you can enable for any channel you like. However, it only works in one direction (JIRA to Slack) and it's a bit cumbersome when installing. Things getting even worse when talking about Confluence as there is no default integration in Slack at the moment.

We wanted to have a solution that works similar to JIRA's Hipchat integration, that is, allows us to link Slack channels to projects or single issues, create channels directly from JIRA, keep track of related discussions and be more verbose when sending notifications back to Slack. That is why we created our own Slack Connector. Not everything we planned is there already but it's plenty enough to make default JIRA integration obsolete. We had removed it from most of our Slack channels immediatelly after first release and hasn't been looking back ever since. And, we use it a lot for several JIRA projects, including Slack Connector project, of course!

Watch the demo video

If you want to see the quick demo of Slack Connector capabilities before the install, please watch our promotional video on Youtube. This will demonstrate you some most important features that our add-on provides inside JIRA and Slack.

How to install and get started

Slack Connector can be found on Atlassian Marketplace and installed on JIRA or Confluence Cloud using Universal Plugin Manager. Once that step is done, you can enable add-on for any selected project, space or even a single Page or Issue! Please check out the Getting Started page for more details on this.