Slack Connector has currently two main feature categories:

  • notifying you and others on Slack whenever any issue of your interest is changed.
  • enhancements to JIRA that allow you access relevant Slack content

This page quickly summarizes available features, click the relevant links to get more detailed information on given features.


First of all you may be interested to learn about notifications. You may set up selected Slack channels to be notified whenever any change is made to:

You may also configure notification filters based on what kind of the change was made or specific JIRA issue properties i.e Issue Type or Priority.

JIRA issue page enhancements

On any issue page you will find Issue Tools that allow you to configure Slack notifications specific to that particular issue. In the same place you can also quickly check if there was any conversation happening on other channels about this issue.

In the Activity section on issue page (where the Comments are shown) you can also find a new tab called Slack. This tab lets you quickly join Slack discussion about the issue if the issue has got a dedicated Slack channel. You will be able to see the last 100 messages from that channel as well as directly post messages to that channel.

Have an idea or suggestion?

Have an idea for a new functionality or a suggestion how to improve an existing one? We will be glad to hear your voice and discuss the details. You can drop us a line at support(at)wisoft.eu or click "Give feedback..." located at the top of "Slack discussions" panel on all JIRA issue pages.

Slack Connector is under active development and we would like focus our effort to make the integration as smooth as possible for you.