Global Setup

You can access Slack Connector global setup (Fig.3, 4, 5) by clicking Configure or Get Started button in Universal Plugin Manager, under Manage Add-ons section (Fig.1). The same result you can get by using Slack Connector Setup link at very bottom of the JIRA's Administration -> Sytem page. (Fig.2). By using Slack Connector's global setup page you can:

  • Select default slack channel for all notifications coming from entire JIRA instance. This will affect all issues from all projects
  • Overwiew the list of all dedicated project and issue channels, change their configuration or remove them
  • See the list of all JIRA users who has connected their accounts with Slack
  • Install Slack bot which allows you to perform various JIRA actions directly from Slack

Fig.1 Accessing main configuration from Manage Add-ons in UPM

Fig.2 Slack Connector Setup link in JIRA's Administration

Fig.3 Slack Connector Setup (global) page - channels and notifications management

Fig.4 Slack Connector Setup (global) page - bot settings

Fig.5 Slack Connector Setup (global) page - connected users management